CABEI and the Kingdom of Spain’s Official Credit Institute successfully conclude their fifth financing agreement


Through this agreement, over 25 projects in Central America and the Dominican Republic benefit from an amount of US$150.0 million.

Tegucigalpa, December 19, 2023. – In line with its role as the primary catalyst for resources and cooperation in the Central American region, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) recently completed the execution of its fifth financing agreement with the Official Institute of Credit (ICO) of the Kingdom of Spain for a combined amount of US$150.0 million. The scope of the agreement, signed in November 2022, focused on financing eligible projects, preferably green and/or sustainable. Consequently, in the third and final disbursement of US$53.7 million, a total of 10 projects were financed, spanning sectors highly vulnerable to the region: sewage, infrastructure, renewable energy, and social projects.

The execution of this fifth loan agreement marks a significant milestone in the cooperation between the ICO and CABEI, reaching a total amount of channeled resources amounting to US$570.5 million since the signing of the initial agreement in 2017. This achievement clearly reflects the importance and benefits for Central America in having a financially strong and highly qualified (AA) bank, which, in turn, has extraregional partners committed to the development of the region, such as the Kingdom of Spain.

The signed agreements also promote the investment of Spanish companies in the region, thereby strengthening the economic and commercial ties of this country with Central America. Therefore, CABEI reaffirms its commitment to continue working towards sustainable development hand in hand with its strategic allies, such as the ICO of the Kingdom of Spain.