CABEI receives US$3.0 million in advance principal payment from the Kingdom of Spain


Tegucigalpa, March 31st,  2022.- The Kingdom of Spain reiterated its proven support for CABEI and its commitment to the countries of the Central American region by making, for the third time, the advance payment of capital in cash linked to its capital subscription made within the framework of the Bank's VIII General Capital Increase. The disbursement, in the amount of US$3.0 million, corresponds to the payment of the third of the (5) annual and consecutive installments, and was to be made until December 2022. 

With the imminent opening of its representative office in Spain, CABEI seeks to strengthen its presence in Europe. Spain was the fifth extra-regional member to join the Bank in 2005. Since that date, CABEI's Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi, said, a total of approximately US$543.6 million in resources have been managed from different institutions in Spain.

In addition, Dr. Dante Mossi highlighted the important role played by the Kingdom of Spain in the context of the difficulties faced by Central America as the region most affected by climate change at the global level, highlighting the recent allocation of non-reimbursable cooperation from the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) for US$1.9 million to the Climate Change Investment Project Preparation Fund in the context of CABEI's Central American Resilient Reconstruction Program.

In the case of Spain, since its accession, the country has promoted trade and investment with Central America, strengthened cooperation ties with the region and continued to contribute to financial and institutional consolidation for the benefit of the isthmus, through the establishment of support and financing mechanisms with CABEI.

Contributions to date include the administration of the Countervalue Fund of the Honduran Debt Conversion Program with Spain and a credit line with the Official Credit Institute (ICO) to finance investments and/or liquidity and Spanish exports in CABEI member countries.