CABEI completes investigation related to RMC La Productora in Costa Rica


Tegucigalpa, February 22, 2024.- The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) advanced in the internal investigation process related to Public Bid No. 032/2022: "Strategic Communication Consultancy" in Costa Rica awarded to the company RMC La Productora, S.A., whose legal representative is Mr. Christian Bulgarelli.

In the first instance, according to the results obtained in the investigation and in accordance with CABEI's integrity process (anti-fraud - anti-corruption), it has been determined that there are sufficient elements to determine that the supplier may have incurred in prohibited practices of fraud and collusion.

For this reason, and in accordance with the Bank's Anti-Fraud, Anti-Corruption, and Other Prohibited Practices Policy, and in strict compliance with due process as applicable under its regulations, on February 16, an administrative notice was sent to Mr. Bulgarelli and RMC La Productora S.A. so that within a period not to exceed 60 calendar days, they may present their rebuttal arguments, guaranteeing them an administrative procedure under the principle of defense, the right to a hearing, and access to the information in the file.

CABEI will analyze the arguments and evidence of the parties and, subsequently, will issue a resolution that may include the imposition of a sanction. Consequently, RMC La Productora, S.A. and its legal representative may be included in CABEI's List of Prohibited Counterparts, and therefore may not participate as offerors or suppliers in operations financed with CABEI resources, or with funds administered by CABEI, in Costa Rica or in any of its member countries.

CABEI, through its Integrity System, guarantees its commitment to zero tolerance of fraud, corruption, and other prohibited practices in its operations, maintaining an unyielding attitude towards actions of this type.