CABEI disburses US$9.6 million to Argentina to advance program against gender-based violence


The amount is part of a total of US$50 million to be granted to the Women, Gender and Diversity Ministry for the construction of its new headquarters, 30 assistance centers for women and members of the LGBTIQ+ community, among other initiatives.


Buenos Aires, December 14, 2021.- To ensure the execution and progress of the Strengthening of Protection Actions against Gender-Based Violence Program in the Republic of Argentina, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) made a first disbursement of US$9.6 million, of the total US$50 million for this initiative, which will be used to build, equip and improve Integral Territorial Centers for the care of people at risk of violence.

The program also contemplates the operation of the central headquarters of the National Women's, Gender and Diversity Ministry, as well as the implementation of legal and social support actions for victims of violence, and the design and implementation of an early warning system for gender violence emergencies.

CABEI Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi, explained, "This is an emblematic initiative for our institution and for the entire Central American region. It is the first CABEI project related to the fight against gender violence and will serve as a reference for replication in the rest of our partner countries, considering that Argentina is a pioneer not only in projects of these characteristics but also with its current legislation".

For his part, CABEI Director for Argentina and Colombia, Maximiliano Alonso, said: "With this first disbursement, we are beginning a path of hard work in conjunction with the team of the Women's Ministry and the Secretariat for Strategic Affairs, who are carrying it forward with tangible results in its first stage as a reference to the transformation of more inclusive societies".

The operation will have a direct positive impact on 258,000 people through access to justice and social support in the country's 24 jurisdictions. In addition, their families will also benefit, reaching more than one million people indirectly, 35,840 facilitators will be trained in prevention and comprehensive care, and 12,000 social promoters will be equipped.

In the long term, the program also includes a regional support component, which will seek to strengthen international cooperation actions in the area of access to rights and gender equity between Argentina and CABEI's partner countries in the SICA region.