CABEI defines post-pandemic work agenda with productive sectors in Argentina


CABEI currently provides financial support to seven projects in areas such as health, MIPYMEs, education, gender, among others, for US$329 million.

Buenos Aires, May 18, 2021.- The arrival of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) in the Republic of Argentina is advancing steadily and sustainably, not only with the upcoming opening of its headquarters in Buenos Aires, but also with the establishment of a work agenda with the country's public and private productive sectors, as well as non-governmental organizations.

To date, CABEI has held meetings with representatives of Endeavor Argentina, the Production Board of the Province of Córdoba, the Argentine Fintech Chamber, the Argentine Union of Young Entrepreneurs, the Association of Technological Entrepreneurs, the Women in Technology Foundation, the Innovate and Entrepreneur Agency of the Government of Córdoba, and the Municipality of Córdoba.

For CABEI's Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi, "these spaces are of vital importance, since Argentina, as an extra-regional partner of CABEI, is currently the axis of integration between the Mercosur bloc and Central America, and based on these approaches, a strategy will be defined that responds to the sectors' needs after the COVID-19 pandemic."

CABEI Director for Argentina and Colombia, Maximiliano Alonso, who coordinated the meetings, emphasized that "our vocation to permanently listen responds to the need to work as a team with local leaders to lay the foundations for the operations that the Bank is already carrying out in the country to promote the productive sector's development.

CABEI is currently financing seven projects for US$329 million in the areas of science, digital transformation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MIPYMEs), education, health and gender, among others. Two of them specifically involve private sector actions: a pilot plan for the digital transformation of MIPYMEs for US$50 million, and a loan of another US$50 million aimed at the rural agri-food sector.

CABEI expects to open its representative office in Buenos Aires this year and is preparing the creation of a Regional Observatory to strengthen Argentina-Central America relations, as well as a Regional Innovation Center with its epicenter in the country.