CABEI approves US$150 million increase in Line of Credit for the Road Conservation Fund (FOVIAL)


● The resources will enable the improvement of El Salvador's road infrastructure.


Tegucigalpa, April 18, 2024.- The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) approved an increase of up to US$150 million to the Road Conservation Fund (FOVIAL) line of credit of the Republic of El Salvador to support the state agency in its work to conserve and improve the country's road infrastructure.

The financing will be used to meet the working capital needs of the autonomous company, with which the line of Credit amounts to (detail amount).      

CABEI has historically supported the country with programs and projects aimed at the infrastructure sector with the following initiatives: Road Infrastructure Connectivity Program for Development, the Highway Expansion Project of the La Libertad Port, Tranches II and III and Construction of Bridges over the Anguiatú and Paz Rivers, and the CA01W Bypass Construction and Highway Expansion Project (Los Chorros Tranche).

This intervention will have a positive impact on the country, both economically and socially, due to the generation of jobs and the execution and maintenance of road infrastructure projects.