CABEI approves US$1 million in cooperation to Costa Rica to conduct optimization studies for San José-San Ramón road project


• The multilateral will use the results of the technical studies as a basis for structuring the financing necessary to complete the works that would connect the western part of the country with the capital.

San José, March 21st, 2023 - In order to prepare the technical and operational optimization studies for the "San José-San Ramón National Route No. 1" project, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) approved a Technical Cooperation for US$1 million to its founding partner Costa Rica to launch an international bidding process and hire a consulting firm.

This was announced by the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT for its name in Spanish) at a press conference, where it was explained that the results of the studies will be used to make the necessary adjustments to the design of the project in order to optimize the cost of tolls and obtain a technical feasibility to adjust the design of the project, which covers 55 kilometers from the capital to the west of the country and through which it is estimated that 133,000 vehicles will travel daily by 2025.

"As the main financial and technical partner that looks out for the quality of life of Costa Ricans, we are pleased to be finalizing this cooperation with which we expect to have the results of these important studies by the end of the year, which will be the technical basis for structuring the financing that the Bank would be granting Costa Rica in 2024 to carry out the works for which it has waited more than four decades", said CABEI Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi.

The requested cooperation is for US$1 million from CABEI's Technical Cooperation Fund (FONTEC) and will be executed in accordance with CABEI's transparency and contracting standards.