With CABEI support, 40 thousand Costa Ricans travel faster on modern highways daily

The more than 40,000 users who travel daily on the main roads of San José, Costa Rica, have benefited from reduced travel times and costs by using new structures such as the overpasses at the Garantías Sociales roundabouts in Zapote, the Bicentenario in Guadalupe, and the La Bandera in San Pedro, as well as the modernized bridges over the Virilla River on the Alfredo González Flores Route 1, Route 32 (Saprissa), and the bridge over Route 147 (Lindora).

These are some of the works executed in recent years with the financial and technical support of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) which, through the US$430.5 million Strategic Road Infrastructure Works Program, improves the quality of life of Costa Ricans by financing nine projects that have a direct and indirect impact on their human development.