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Do you want to publish an article in NEXUS?

The Bank is committed to promoting transparency, accountability, and openness in order to generate sustainable, open, and inclusive development. Therefore, CABEI recognizes that in order to achieve these commitments, the use of information and the knowledge it produces are tools that allow for more open societies to collaboratively find solutions for the common good.

CABEI believes that opening up knowledge broadens the understanding of different opinions, increases citizen participation and dialogue, stimulates innovation, accelerates learning based on the experiences of other actors and, consequently, reuses the knowledge of others for the creation of new knowledge.

Learn more about this initiative through the following frequently asked questions:

Frequently asked questions about becoming a NEXUS author

  1. Provide tools to citizens to promote more open societies.
  2. Share proposals, projects, initiatives, and concepts to encourage an exchange of ideas on issues related to transparency, accountability, and openness, among others that may be related to the promotion of sustainable, open, and inclusive development.
  3. Generate awareness of new agendas that are important to address through the openness of information and the use of open knowledge.
  4. Stimulate the exchange of information and expertise in order to generate a shared knowledge base to accelerate innovation in different branches.
  5. Disseminate CABEI's efforts to apply its Access to Information Policy, adequately and efficiently.

  1. Take into account the objectives of this initiative when preparing your article.
  2. Maintain a proactive and constructive approach.
  3. Encourage the reader to use and replicate the knowledge shared in the article. 
  4. To promote effective communication, using clear, simple, and direct language, so that the general public can understand the article.
  5. Prepare the article keeping in mind that it should be brief and concise (between 500 to 1000 words).
  6. Respect the intellectual property rights of other authors or institutions.
  7. Incorporate free access links to other web pages, online tools, among others, so that the article is interactive and opens the door to other documents or platforms. 

  1. Material related to the support or criticism of any nature, political, ideological, or other, towards an institution, country, or person.
  2. Advertising or commercial promotion of any kind.
  3. Content that is not openly available and cannot be freely distributed and reused on the platform.

The opinions expressed in the articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CABEI. For those articles written by Bank personnel, copyright will be subject to the applicable internal regulations of the Institution.

Respecting the purposes of this initiative, focused on the openness and free distribution of knowledge, when the information or knowledge incorporated in an article published in NEXUS is used in another publication, the Bank urges the public to give attribution to the respective author of the blog. Likewise, CABEI appreciates the inclusion of the respective link to the NEXUS portal where the article is published.

CABEI does not pay fees for the publication of articles. However, the Bank offers the following benefits:

  1. Join a growing network of contacts to exchange knowledge.

  2. Have a platform to publish articles placed on a widely visited website.

  3. Support in the translation of the article so that it is always disseminated in Spanish and English and, if necessary, collaboration in the layout of a design that helps to improve the understanding of the blog.

  4. Dissemination of the article through the Bank's official communication mechanisms.

CABEI is looking for expert authors with extensive experience in the indicated areas. Therefore, the Institution invites interested parties to submit proposals of interest to publish articles on the NEXUS platform.

All proposals are evaluated by CABEI's editorial team led by Héctor Javier Guzmán, Secretary of the Bank, and Federico López, Access to Information Officer. In this regard, the Bank wishes to emphasize that, while it respects the freedom of expression of all authors, all proposals are reviewed to identify whether they meet the objectives of NEXUS and comply with the established formatting criteria.

To contact the editorial team, please send an email to the following contacts:, with copy to Federico López