The strategic axis of social development is the principal means for contributing to compliance with the countries’ priority development objectives:

  • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.
  • Promote universal primary education.
  • Foster gender equity and women’s autonomy.
  • Reduce child mortality and abuse.
  • Improve maternal health care and that of the population in general.
  • Combat the principal diseases present in the region.
  • Guarantee environmental sustainability.
  • Develop a regional and global partnership for development.

It is important to note that CABEI’s Gender Equity Policy establishes guidelines that have been considered for the design of the CABEI 2015-2019 Institutional Strategy in order to promote gender equity throughout the entire Institution. The guidelines of the strategic axis of social development include creating opportunities for job creation and income sustainability, as well as contributing to the development of human capital and strengthening coverage of services and basic needs.