CABEI - Central American Bank for Economic Integration
  • Por una región más prospera para todos
  • Contribuyendo al progreso de los pueblos centroamericanos
  • Por una región más prospera para todos
  • Creando ambientes propicios para la competitividad y movilidad
  • Una multilateral más respetuosa con el medio ambiente
  • Incentivando el uso de fuentes renovables


Últimas noticias

CABEI and UNFPA join forces to improve the region’s competitiveness and integration

24.03.2017 17:33    News

• The organizations are exploring initiatives to improve competitiveness and overcome poverty in...[more]

Promoting organic product certification in Costa Rica

23.03.2017 18:26    News

• With support from the European Union, Germany’s KfW Development Bank and CABEI, a cooperation...[more]

CABEI signs educational credit agreement with UAC of Nicaragua

23.03.2017 17:09    News

• Young Nicaraguans have available funding to study higher education at AUC.[more]

CABEI promotes water and sanitation projects in the region

22.03.2017 16:03    News

• On World Water Day, CABEI recalls the value of this resource as an essential element for the...[more]

Towards the economic autonomy of women in the SICA countries

21.03.2017 18:52    News

Tegucigalpa 21 de marzo del 2017.- The member countries of the Central American Integration System...[more]