CABEI - Central American Bank for Economic Integration

Integration instances launch regional academic contest


[Translate to English:] Sr. Vinicio Cerezo, Secretario General del SICA; Dr. Dante Mossi, Presidente Ejecutivo del BCIE y Sr. Melvin Redondo, Secretario General de la SIECA.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, April 30, 2019. – Today for the second consecutive year, three instances of the Central American Integration System (SICA) have joined together to launch the Call for Papers 2019, "Central American Integration and Globalization," which aims to generate a space for the dissemination of knowledge and specialized research in the field of Central American integration.

The contest is organized by the General Secretariat of the Central American Integration System (SG-SICA), the Central American Economic Integration Secretariat (SIECA) and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI). It aims to recognize and publicize the region's significant academic talent.

The inauguration event, which was held at the CABEI headquarters, was attended by the highest authorities of the three instances: Vinicio Cerezo, SICA Secretary General; Melvin Redondo, SIECA Secretary General and Dante Mossi, CABEI Executive President; additional attendees included representatives of academia, diplomatic corps, international organizations, cooperators and partners.

In the contest's second edition, the topics of participation have been broadened with issues regarding the governance model of the SICA System and the regional identity; the customs union and facilitation of trade, mobility and regional logistics; and the political participation of women, citizen participation, climate change and regional security.

The call will be open from April 30 to June 28, 2019 and is aimed at professionals, academics, researchers and all those interested in the dynamics of the Central American integration process. The two best articles will be awarded pursuant to the eligibility criteria; first place will take USD$8,000.00 and second place USD$4,000.00. The contest rules, as well as the results of its first edition are available here.


SICA Secretary General, Mr. Vinicio Cerezo, stated that, "We recognize that academic research is capable of generating added value in public management by allowing to make better decisions based on scientific data. Today's call is open to researchers and professionals from various disciplines to create a space to discuss valuable strategic ideas in order to streamline the Integration System."

SIECA Secretary General, Mr. Melvin Redondo, commented that, "SIECA recognizes the importance that academic research provides to the construction of an integrated and competitive Central America in international markets, which is why it believes that the current call for papers initiative will help deepen the analysis and positively impact on the region."

CABEI Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi, explained that, "As the financial arm of Central American integration, CABEI is committed to promoting spaces where society can empower itself based on the efforts of the Integration System. During the last decade, CABEI approved more than USD$2.60 billion in operations with components linked to integration and disbursed USD$2.10 billion with results that range from the promotion of regional road and electric connectivity to the fostering of technical innovations aimed at increasing the productivity of the countries, increasing trade and stimulating greater employment in order to generate the wellbeing of the region's inhabitants."