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CABEI participates in Expo Europa Coopera 2019

08.05.2019 00:00    By: CABEI    News, El Salvador    Age: 159 days

CABEI had the support of seven beneficiaries MSMEs of the project that are working with the DINAMICA Initiative and INSERT in El Salvador.
CABEI had the support of seven beneficiaries MSMEs of the project that are working with the DINAMICA Initiative and INSERT in El Salvador.

At the event, CABEI presented the DINAMICA Initiative, which is one of the best financial products for entrepreneurs and Central American MSMEs.

San Salvador, May 8, 2019.- With the purpose of promoting entrepreneurship and employment in the region, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) promotes initiatives to support the development and integration of its member countries.

The Bank participated in Euro Coopera Expo 2019 with its Initiative "Development of Business Ideas and Acceleration of Central American MSMEs (DINAMICA)" in the subject of entrepreneurship in the stand: Association Agreement European Union - Central America / Productive Development Stand, which included the initiatives that are jointly carried out with other entities of the Central American Integration System: Regional MSME Promotion Center  (CENPROMYPE) and the Secretariat of Central American Economic Integration.
Entrepreneurs are key to the region
Based on CABEI's standpoint that entrepreneurs and MSMEs are key to the region's development, the Bank fosters initiatives that support this sector through the approval of non-reimbursable resources for a total of US$2.4 million to provide technical assistance for Business Development Centers; technical assistance for new, young and innovative MSMEs; technical assistance to Financial Institutions; and activities aimed at promoting the Initiative.

The DINAMICA Initiative is a tripartite action between the Government of Germany; the European Union, through its Latin American Investment Facility; and CABEI. It aims to contribute to the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as to the strengthening of the financial sector that attends the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in order to promote socioeconomic development and poverty reduction in the region.

The event was attended by young people, students, the private sector, entrepreneurs and the media; the attendees made a tour of the different stands and participated in talks and cultural presentations.

Euro Coopera is an event that presents the programs promoted by the European Union in the country with the participation of government institutions, municipalities, Member States, cooperation partners and civil society organizations, coinciding with the positioning objectives of the European Union established in the Central American regional cooperation communication strategy.