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CABEI helps more than 9 Thousand Honduran Families by Building Eco Stoves

13.01.2012 00:00    By: CABEI    News    Age: 8 yrs

This project improves the quality of life and the economies of seven communities, and fosters their environmentally sustainable development.

The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) will provide non-reimbursable financial aid to the Honduran government for the construction of 9,575 eco stoves in seven departments.

The US$1 million in non-reimbursable financial aid will be used exclusively to finance activities related to the project "Construction of Eco stoves with support, training and installation of improved Justa Stoves," which will be executed in the departments of Francisco Morazán (the country’s most populated department), principally in Tegucigalpa, Cortés, Olancho, Lempira, Comayagua, Ocotepeque, Copán and Intibucá.
The construction of improved eco stoves promotes saving firewood used for cooking and also helps to reduce respiratory diseases since it eliminates a good percentage of the smoke and soot produced by the traditional stoves used in most homes. In addition, it will contribute to improving the household economy by preventing costly diseases and reducing the time and money spent on acquiring firewood, as well as reducing greenhouse gases and global warming.

The use of eco stoves directly impacts environmental sustainability by reducing firewood consumption by up to 70% and represents a viable technological and economical alternative that is also easy for the beneficiaries to use and maintain. This makes this project sustainable because maintaining the eco stoves does not require technical assistance.

The project contributes directly to household savings, allowing the beneficiaries to reduce their firewood consumption by up to 70%.