CABEI - Central American Bank for Economic Integration

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CABEI Executive Vice President, Attorney Alejandro Rodríguez Zamora, during his presentation at the forum.

CABEI in line with the 2030 Development Agenda

04.06.2019 13:00    News, Estrategia Institucional, Guatemala

The forum in the context of the SICA summit will deepen the contribution of various actors, including development banks, with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).[more]

CABEI expert presents the innovative regional program.

CABEI presents key program for reducing poverty

04.06.2019 00:00    News, Estrategia Institucional, Pobreza, Alianzas Estratégicas

The recently approved initiative is considered the first tangible regional program that uses multidimensional poverty as a criterion for the selection of operations. [more]

[Translate to English:] el BCIE reafirma su compromiso de mantener presencia con sus inversionistas en México, en uno de los mercados más importantes del banco para acceder a fuentes de fondeo.

CABEI issues note with record high amount in Mexican market

03.06.2019 00:00    News, Inversionistas, México, Financieros

The placement of the issue reached a total amount of MXN 5 Billion (equivalent to USD $262.3 Million) which reflect the good perception and position of the Bank in the Mexican market.[more]

Country Manager for Costa Rica, Mauricio Chacón participated as a panelist at the event.

CABEI supports the region to face the challenges of integration and development

03.06.2019 00:00    News, Costa Rica, Economía

CABEI sponsors regional forum aimed at international investors. [more]

CABEI Director for Guatemala, José Carlos Castañeda, and CABEI Country Manager for Guatemala, Trevor Estrada.

CABEI contributes to meeting SDGs in the region

31.05.2019 00:00    News, Objetivos Estratégicos, Guatemala, Ejes Estratégicos

• In line with its mission to promote integration and economic development, CABEI focuses its efforts on successfully fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) incorporated in its 2015-2019 Institutional Strategy.[more]

CABEI highlights the role of multilateral development organizations in matters of integration and sustainable development

29.05.2019 00:00    News, Honduras, Infraestructura Productiva

The advisor of the Department of Economic Research and Regional Cooperation of the Asian Development Bank, Dr. Jesus Felipe Tablado, shared experiences. CABEI Executive Vice President Attorney Alejandro Rodríguez Zamora,...[more]

CABEI contributes in the search of new alternatives to attend the development challenges facing the region.

CABEI participates in forum on sustainable cities and communities

29.05.2019 00:00    News

Through the focus area of human development and social infrastructure, CABEI supports such projects as water and sanitation, waste disposal, waste treatment, equipment and infrastructure for social housing. [more]

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