CABEI - Central American Bank for Economic Integration

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CABEI issues notes in Uruguay for 1,758.8 million uruguayan pesos (UYU), equivalent to US$ 50 million

   News, Inversionistas, Competitividad, Economía

This issue reaffirms the good perception of investors in the Uruguayan Capital Market regarding the credit and financial soundness of CABEI[more]

At the meetings, Dr. Dante Mossi presented the opportunities that CABEI offers to the country in such fields as renewable energy and infrastructure.

CABEI Executive President visit to the Dominican Republic comes to an end

08.07.2019 00:00    News, República Dominicana, Transporte, Infraestructura Productiva

CABEI Executive President Dante Mossi spoke about the Bank's financial solutions as a multilateral development resource source.[more]

CABEI grants US$250,000.00 to Honduras to attend national dengue emergency

08.07.2019 00:00    News, Honduras, Salud

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has reported that in the region of the Americas, Honduras accounts for 66% of cases involving severe dengue.[more]

CABEI presents investment opportunities in the región to diplomatic corps accredited in Honduras

   News, Honduras, Regional, Alianzas Estratégicas

The meeting, which was held at CABEI, sought to establish a framework of cooperation and knowledge on the process of incorporating members.[more]

CABEI Country Manager for Costa Rica, Mauricio Chacón, shared the main achievements obtained through the execution of the Bank's institutional strategy, which aims to generate economic growth in the region.

CABEI participates in International Forum of Issuers of the Securities Markets of the Americas

28.06.2019 16:00    News, Costa Rica, Financiamiento

At the forum, CABEI informed about investment opportunities in the region.[more]

The MSME sector is a fundamental actor of the region's economy and competitiveness

27.06.2019 18:00    News, Emprendedurismo, Finanzas para las Mayorías, MIPYME, Centroamérica

CABEI is the main financial partner of MSMEs in the region.[more]

During an informative breakfast with the press, CABEI Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi, informed that these projects are linked to the economic development of the Bank's member countries.

CABEI promotes various projects to strengthen regional integration

27.06.2019 17:00    News, Centroamérica, Integración Regional, Integración Económica

In a meeting with the Honduran press, CABEI Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi, offered details of the programs that have a positive impact on the development and integration of the region. [more]

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