With CABEI support and for the benefit of 25 thousand Guatemalans, a new Peace Court is inaugurated in the municipality of Casillas


The new building, financed by the multilateral government as part of the "Justice Sector Investment and Modernization Program", will provide services for civil, labor and family matters.

Guatemala City, February 24th, 2023.- Nearly 25,000 inhabitants of the municipality of Casillas, in the department of Santa Rosa, will have greater access to justice and quality service with the inauguration of the new Justice of the Peace Court on Friday by the Guatemalan Judicial Branch and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), which financed the works as part of the Justice Sector Investment and Modernization Program.

The new infrastructure has an area of 360 square meters and has been equipped with equipment, technology and furniture to expedite its implementation and provide attention to the population on civil, labor and family matters.

"We are pleased to inaugurate the first of many infrastructure projects to be built as part of this Program, which has a national scope and seeks to strengthen the effectiveness of the main institutions in charge of the administration of justice in Guatemala, improving their capacity, performance and efficiency, and which once concluded will benefit 16 million people" highlighted CABEI President, Dr. Dante Mossi.

The event was attended by the President of the Judicial Branch and the Supreme Court of Justice, Justice Silvia Valdez, CABEI Chief Country Officer, Miguel Almeyda, among other authorities.

Other projects that are progressing as part of this CABEI-supported program include the construction of 23 courthouses, 7 court complexes, 4 judicial warehouses and 4 administrative buildings.

In addition, continuity will be given to the oral model, including the improvement of the institutional communications infrastructure and data processing and storage, as well as the digitalization system, computer and software renovation to increase the coverage of services in the country.

As the Bank of Central America, CABEI will continue to contribute to its member countries, implementing programs and projects that guarantee the life, security and common good of Central Americans, while improving the prospects for competitiveness in order to achieve a prosperous region full of opportunities.