CABEI Board of Directors meeting, at which new financing for the region will be approved, to be held in Costa Rica


After a decade of not holding the regular monthly meeting in Costa Rica, San José is once again the venue where decisions of impact for the well-being of Central Americans will be made.

San José, February 23rd, 2023 Costa Rica will host the next regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), which will be held from February 28th to March 3rd at its representative office in San José, where representatives of the governments of the multilateral member countries will meet to analyze and approve initiatives with a positive impact on the region's social, economic and environmental development.

CABEI's Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi, indicated that "after a decade since the last time the Board of Directors met in Costa Rica, next week we will be back with a mission in which we hope to strengthen relations with our founding partner country and its authorities, as well as verify the materialization of works financed by the Bank that improve the quality of life of the Costa Rican population; in addition to approving new support for the sustainable development of the country, the Dominican Republic and Argentina, which will be the operations that we will evaluate." For his part, Costa Rica's CABEI

Director indicated: "It is very gratifying for us to once again host the CABEI Board of Directors meeting because receiving representatives from the other member countries not only allows us to see the projects they once evaluated become a reality and benefit the population, but also provides an opportunity for extra-regional countries such as the Republic of China (Taiwan), South Korea, and Spain to learn more about the country's needs and subsequently evaluate the form of support."

About the CABEI Board of Directors
CABEI's Board of Directors, which is the body responsible for the Bank's management and has powers delegated to it by the CABEI Assembly of Governors (the countries' Ministers of Finance and Treasury), is made up of representatives appointed by the governments and is subject to the provisions established in CABEI's Constitutive Agreement and the Organizational and Administrative Regulations.

As the immediate superior of CABEI's Executive Presidency, the Board of Directors controls and evaluates administrative management, reviews and approves public and private sector programs, plans and projects, supervises their execution and ensures the Bank's effective performance in accordance with its Institutional Strategy, which is updated every four years, and the goals defined by the Assembly of Governors, among other tasks.

CABEI has supported Costa Rica's development strategies and plans by channeling financial resources to the public and private sectors for a total amount of approvals that in more than 62 years of history exceed US$11 billion, which reflects the importance of having this financial and technical ally in which it has a 10.79% shareholding.