To strengthen the financial liquidity of the Central Banks of the region, BCIE increases up to US$500 million line of credit


These resources are available to the founding countries and regional nonfounders of the BCIE.

Santo Domingo, August 16th, 2022.- In order to support the liquidity management of the Central Banks of the founding and non-founding regional member countries of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), the multilateral development agency approved the expansion of the Credit Program from US$200 million to US$500 million for each eligible country.

This increase will allow the Central Banks to solve contingencies and strengthen their liquidity position, contribute to the maintenance of the value of the national currency, as well as to the proper functioning of the payment system and the stability of the national financial system.

CABEI's Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi expressed: "We are very pleased to support our member countries with the increase in the amount of this Central Bank Credit Program, which will support liquidity management and strengthen the levels of international monetary reserves.”

The financing, which is revolving in nature, may be used partially or totally by each country for any of the purposes defined within the framework of the Credit Program, which complements the monetary policy actions that each country has taken to achieve macroeconomic stability in the region's current context.

The financial conditions established are at an indicative interest rate of 2.5% plus a 6-month LIBOR.