New police station, built with CABEI support, will provide greater security to more than 22 thousand Guatemalans in Barcenas - Villa Nueva


This project is part of 17 police infrastructure projects nationwide to prevent, investigate, and combat crime, as well as to maintain public order.

Guatemala City, May 15, 2024.- To support the National Civil Police's duty to protect and guarantee the exercise of people's rights and freedoms, as well as to provide greater citizen security, a new police station opened its doors today in the village of Bárcenas, municipality of Villa Nueva, built and equipped with the support of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) for the benefit of more than 22 thousand inhabitants.

The building, inaugurated by authorities of the Ministry of the Interior (MINGOB), consists of 682 square meters of construction and will allow 70 agents to provide greater efficiency in their functions through decent facilities that include administrative and operational planning environments for police prevention and investigation, as well as food areas, dormitories and parking areas for patrol cars.

"When it comes to providing greater security to the people, all efforts in police prevention and combating crime are important. That is why the creation of adequate infrastructure, such as the one being opened today, becomes relevant to strengthen the security forces and recover their operation capacity for the benefit of the people," declared Miguel Almeyda, CABEI representative in Guatemala.

This project, built with CABEI funds within the framework of the Justice Sector Investment and Modernization Program, is part of a total of 17 police infrastructure projects located in 13 departments throughout the country.

The new station is in addition to three others that were recently inaugurated, one in Aldea El Fiscal in the municipality of Palencia in the department of Guatemala; and two in the department of Jalapa, in the municipalities of San Luis Jilotepeque and  Monjas, which together improve the well-being and quality of life of 145 thousand Guatemalans.