More than 107,000 Guatemalan students have quality educational infrastructure with the support of CABEI


The execution of two investment programs allowed for the construction, expansion and replacement of 75 educational centers that receive students in preschool, primary, elementary, middle school, diversified, and university levels in 16 departments of the country.

Guatemala City, January 25th, 2023.- To promote inclusive, quality education and generate better learning opportunities for Guatemalan children and youth, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) executed two important investment programs in educational infrastructure, improving the quality of life of 107,000 students in 16 of the country's departments.

Under the educational component of the program "Support for Investment Projects in Social and Productive Infrastructure in Guatemala", 263 classrooms were built, covering a total area of 65,385 square meters, in addition, 10,192 square meters were rehabilitated, which translates into 69 classrooms. The works were executed in 38 educational centers in 8 departments of the country; and have improved the educational quality of 9,164 children and young people who attend pre-primary, primary, basic and diversified education.

Another of the initiatives implemented in favor of higher education is the Program for Investment in Infrastructure, Machinery and Equipment for the Universidad de San Carlos, through which more than 207,000 square meters of educational and sports facilities were built, representing 42 new infrastructure works and 13 refurbishment projects. In addition, investments were made in the purchase of furniture and various modern technology equipment and machinery for 14 faculties and 10 regional university centers.

"We are very pleased with the results achieved with these two programs, which have benefited more than 107,000 children and adolescents, as well as the communities surrounding the educational centers. The Bank will continue to join efforts to improve access to education, which is a universal human right, a public good and the most powerful tool for generating development and well-being in people's lives," said CABEI Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi.

The Universidad de San Carlos´s program strengthened 37 educational centers in 9 departments of the country and improved the educational conditions of almost 100 university students.  In addition, 647 temporary jobs were generated during the infrastructure construction stage, and 6,234 jobs were retained during operation, 41% of which were occupied by women.

CABEI will continue to support Guatemala, promoting programs that benefit the education and preparation of young Guatemalans.