Joining efforts for the conservation of sea turtles

La actividad promueve, entre la comunidad, el cuidado de esta especie.

Panama, December 5, 2019.- The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), together with the Tortuguías Foundation, carried out the release of turtle infants at Punta Chame beach in the province of Panamá Oeste.

As part of its commitment to climate change mitigation and sustainable development and within the framework of its Environmental Management System, CABEI promotes the adequate management of environmental and social resources.

At the event, Foundation volunteers and their family members, launched the activity denominated, "Sponsorship for the Conservation of Sea Turtles in Panama 2019," which aims to carry out such activities as beach cleaning and sea turtle releasing.

Five of all the turtle species that inhabit the world are found in Panama, including the hawksbill, lora, big-head, green and brown. One of the reasons why turtles are important for conserving the environment is that they transport many vital nutrients to the beaches. The nutrients in their eggs help maintain many of the animals and plants that live near the beaches.

Noteworthy expected benefits of this activity include strengthening of the environmentally friendly environment of the communities where CABEI interacts and awareness raising of employees and their families regarding marine fauna conservation in the country.