Christian Burn Care Foundation of Honduras presents recognition to CABEI


Through the Bank's support, more than 150 patients have benefited.

Tegucigalpa, September 23, 2021. – This Thursday, the Christian Burn Care Foundation (CRISAQ) presented the President of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), Dr. Dante Mossi, with an award for his solidarity contribution to the integral recovery of patients who have suffered burns.

CABEI's contribution to CRISAQ dates back to 2010, benefiting approximately 150 patients, including children, the elderly and the disabled. All patients treated have been discharged and have fully recovered their health conditions, managing to reintegrate back into society.

"We are grateful for this recognition, which reflects our commitment to remain faithful to our raison d'être: to have a positive impact on people's lives. As CABEI, we will continue to establish alliances with social causes such as CRISAQ that change lives and give hope to vulnerable populations," said Mossi.

The CRISAQ Foundation provides free services for specialized comprehensive rehabilitation and the provision of professional and timely services to patients with burn injuries, who have been discharged from the hospital and need to begin a process of physical, emotional and spiritual rehabilitation in order to reincorporate into their family, social and work life.

The award was presented by the Foundation's representative, Conrado Zuniga, who also highlighted the contribution of the CABEI Retirees Association, which has allowed the development of proposals to various donors to sustain CRISAQ's operations, as well as support for other activities.

Over the last decade, CABEI has allocated US$60,000 to CRISAQ. Donations in support of foundations and associations are part of the social component of CABEI's Environmental and Social Responsibility System, in compliance with CABEI's Environmental and Social Policy.