Experts analyze decentralization of the energy sector

BCIE trabaja con sus países socios para asegurar el futuro de este sector.
BCIE trabaja con sus países socios para asegurar el futuro de este sector.

CABEI's interventions in the energy sector have enabled the region to build a competitive sector.

Guatemala City, June 6, 2019.- Energy is one of the focus areas of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI). The multilateral development organization supports initiatives for the generation, distribution and transmission of energy, both locally and regionally. Hence, the Bank prioritizes the use of renewable resources with the purpose of promoting sustainable environmentally friendly development, competitiveness and regional integration.

The topics mentioned above were addressed in the Symposium, "Decentralized energy supply with renewable energies and storage," which was organized by the Guatemalan-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

At the event, the Bank gave a presentation denominated, "Financing of renewable energy projects," where it explained about the financial modalities through which it supports generation, transmission and distribution initiatives in order to strengthen the quality and coverage of the energy supply to the region with special emphasis on the presentation of the Green MSME Initiative.

Likewise, mention was made of the regional initiatives that CABEI promotes in the area of energy, such as the case of the Central American Electrical Interconnection System (SIEPAC) project in its phases I and II, which has been financed with a total amount of US$588 million.