Emotional awards ceremony for winners of CABEI's 2022 Regional Press Contest: Sustainability and Development in Central America


98 journalists from seven countries participated in the contest, which recognizes the quality of investigative journalism and its contribution to social, economic and environmental development in the region.

Tegucigalpa, October 19th, 2022.- In recognition of the best journalistic investigations and how they contribute to the region's development, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) held the awards ceremony for CABEI's 2022 Press Contest: Sustainability and Development in Central America at its headquarters in Honduras.

At the event, the Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi, said: "promoting quality journalism strengthens social, economic and environmental development in our region, so we want to recognize the great social work done by the press in our countries and encourage them to continue to do so with the same commitment. Congratulations to each of the participants and winners of this year's edition!"

In person and in a very emotional atmosphere, awards and recognition were presented to the first-place winner in the "Television and Radio" category, Costa Rican journalist Rita Valverde, for her report "Abandonment of bus routes", and to the second-place winner in this category, Costa Rican journalist Mariela Montero, for her report "World Day of Indigenous Peoples: Maleku, a language that refuses to die." 

In the same category, the journalist Leonel Espinoza of Honduras was awarded an honorable mention for his report "Tons of garbage from the flooding of the Motagua River contaminates the Gulf of Honduras." 

In the category of "Written and Digital Press", always in person, first place was awarded to Victor Peña, Salvadoran journalist with his report "It doesn't matter if the water has parasites, it is our water", and second place was awarded to journalist Juan Fernando Lara from Costa Rica, with his report "Tico farmers adapt to care for the environment".

The contest attracted 98 journalists from seven countries in the region, who competed with their reports in the categories of "Television and Radio" and "Written and Digital Press", which awarded prizes of US$ 4,000 for first place, US$ 2,000 for second place and US$ 1,500 for honorable mentions.

It should be noted that the contest entries were evaluated by a jury composed of journalists from Argentina, Peru and Ecuador with outstanding careers, who assessed the precision, accuracy and verification of sources, as well as the public interest and independence of each report in order to assign prizes and awards.