El Salvador begins construction of binational bridge with CABEI support


The initiative is expected to benefit close to 430,000 potential users.

San Salvador, November 25, 2021.- This Thursday, the Government of the Republic of El Salvador and the Economic Integration Bank (CABEI) laid the first stone for the construction of the General Manuel José Arce Binational Bridge, located on the border with Guatemala (La Hachadura-Pedro de Alvarado).

The new infrastructure, which is part of the initiative financed by the Bank: "Expansion of the Road to the La Libertad Port, Sections II and III, and Construction of the Bridges over the Anguiatú and Paz Rivers - Republic of El Salvador", has a cost of US$32.6 million, and consists of the construction of a 256-meter-long four-lane bridge, a section of the road in El Salvador, and the improvement of national route AHU25S, among other interventions.

CABEI Executive President Dante Mossi emphasized, "I am pleased that this first stone marks the beginning of such an important project not only for El Salvador and Guatemala, but also for all of Central America, as it will have tangible benefits for the 430,000 users of this road. Initiatives such as these undoubtedly enable CABEI to fulfill its mission of integrating the region."

This project is expected to improve regional integration by improving border crossings, as well as increasing and improving commercial activity, vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and the flow of goods and services between the countries, as well as boosting private investment, competitiveness, and export potential. It will also have an impact on human and productive development in the area as part of El Salvador's inclusive economic development strategy.

This initiative is in line with CABEI's 2020-2024 Institutional Strategy, specifically the Regional Integration Strategic Axis, which promotes initiatives to promote the region as an integrated market.