Despite adverse conditions in international markets, CABEI places bonds for a total of US $ 172.6 million


The issuance was made in the Mexican market, reaching MXN 4.3 Billion (equivalent to US $ 172.6 million), which reflects the Bank's good and solid position in the Mexican market despite the volatility in the capital markets, becoming one of the few Supranational issuers active in the markets during the current crisis.

Tegucigalpa, March 24, 2020.- The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) carried out the twenty-second issuance in the Mexican capital market, under its Medium-Term Notes Program (MTN). The institution raised an amount of MXN 4.3 Billion (equivalent to US $ 172.6 million). This bond will make it possible to maintain the Bank's continued support for the Central American region, particularly in the current market conditions and global pandemic.

The 3-year issue was made with a floating rate format with reference to the 28-day interbank equilibrium interest rate (TIIE) and a margin of 10 basis points below the aforementioned reference, this placement was converted to US $ 172.6 million.

CABEI Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi, stated, “With this transaction in current market conditions, CABEI is one of the few Supranational entities participating in financial markets, which reaffirms its solid position as a financial institution, with the best international rating in Latin America (AA), and reflecting the support and confidence of its investors in Mexico, in one of the bank's most important markets for accessing funding resources ”.

This placement in the Mexican market had the participation of new and recurring investors, such as banks, investment funds, insurers, and private banks. The bond was rated locally by Moody’s as and Standard & Poor’s as mxAAA.

President Mossi added "with this bond issuance we reaffirm our commitment as the most important development bank in the Central American region, especially at this stage were countries require companionship in their mitigation plans in the face of the spread of the COVID-19 and the economic reactivation. Having access to liquidity in these current market conditions is key to having a bank that is financially strengthened and prepared to provide financing in the face of the current emergency.”

Mexico has been a non-regional member of CABEI since 1992, with a participation of US $ 306.25 million in the Bank's capital structure, ranked as the third largest equity participant within the group of non-regional members.

Currently the credit ratings in an international scale of CABEI are: Standard & Poor´s with a rating of AA (stable outlook), Moody´s with Aa3 (Stable outlook) and Japan Credit Rating (JCR) with AA (stable outlook), reaffirming the financial strength of CABEI as the best credit rating in Latin America.