Get to know CABEI's Statistical Yearbook "Central America in Figures"


In commemorating its 60th anniversary the CABEI gives a new boost and contribution to statistical research and consolidates itself as an autonomous entity of a technical nature.

Tegucigalpa July 14th, 2020.- The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), from the Office of the Chief Economist, has prepared the Statistical Yearbook "Central America in Figures", which aims to publicize the main macroeconomic, social, and demographic results of the Central American region.

The document brings together a set of macroeconomic, demographic, and social statistics in order to present the region's performance in the recent past. The data contained in this resource come, in most cases, from publications of the official statistics of each country and organizations belonging to the Central American Integration System.

The edition intends to be a consultation tool that helps the analysis and the debate, in that sense it is published, both in Spanish and in English on the CABEI website to be accessed by the general public.

In terms of content, it presents real sector statistics, external sector statistics, fiscal sector statistics, monetary sector statistics, demographic and social statistics, and the glossary.

Get to know the Statistical Yearbook "Central America in Figures" by clicking on the following link: "Centroamerica en Cifras.”

Conozca el Anuario Estadístico “Centroamérica en Cifras”.