CABEI supports Ninth Competitiveness Forum of the Americas

As promoter of regional development and integration, CABEI has fostered the competitiveness and sustainable development of Central America.

CABEI promotes initiatives that facilitate the competitive integration of its member countries by fostering improved service quality standards and furthering environmental sustainability.

Tegucigalpa, November 17, 2015. - The Ninth Competitiveness Forum of the Americas, an annual meeting of the Inter-American Competitiveness Network (RIAC), was held in the city of Antigua Guatemala; the Forum aims to strengthen regional coordination, promote the exchange of experiences with other countries in the Americas and implement the Central American competitiveness agenda.

The Guatemalan government organized the event through its National Competitiveness Program (PRONACOM). The Forum’s theme this year was, "Stronger and more competitive institutions."

During the inauguration ceremony, CABEI Executive Vice President Attorney Alejandro Rodríguez Zamora noted that strengthening CABEI’s institutional framework has been essential to promoting sustainable competitiveness in Central America and to implementing products, programs and instruments tailored to the different characteristics of each country.

CABEI has played an active role in terms of competitiveness; during the 2005-2015 period, it approved approximately US$1.87 billion for operations aimed at implementing products, programs and instruments designed to meet the region’s needs.

As a strategic ally for the regional integration of the Central American countries, CABEI has diversified its portfolio and promoted regional integration projects, particularly through initiatives that strengthen commercial, industry, service, tourism and strategic infrastructure capacities.

CABEI Vice President Attorney Alejandro Rodríguez Zamora also stated that, "With their experience and current competitiveness levels, countries like Mexico and Colombia could help the region by contributing to capacity building, technology transfer and modernization of legal and operational frameworks to promote competitiveness, among others."

Pursuant to the Cooperation Agreement and the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the OAS, CABEI provides significant support to institutional actions undertaken to foster competitiveness.