CABEI presents Nexus: the innovative engagement portal to promote the effective application of its Access to Information Policy


The new portal is intended to make the Bank's engagement actions visible, promote open knowledge, and strengthen ties with its external stakeholders.

Tegucigalpa May 20th, 2024.- The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) reaffirms its commitment to transparency and accountability with the launch of the NEXUS engagement portal, a tool designed to enhance openness and bring the Bank closer to its external stakeholders in terms of access to information.

Through NEXUS the public will be able to:

1. Access a map of stakeholders with whom the Bank is engaging in matters of transparency and access to information, including a series of performance indicators in this area;

2. Sign up to receive information that CABEI discloses periodically and according to their preferences, through the tool called Active Transparency;

3. Learn and share knowledge on access to information, transparency, open data, among other topics, through short articles (blogs) by recognized experts;

4. Learn about all the news, activities, and courses that the Bank is implementing to promote its Access to Information Policy.

CABEI Executive President Gisela Sánchez stated that "this portal represents a significant step forward in CABEI's commitment to active transparency, accountability, and citizen participation in the Bank's activities". She affirmed that "through this platform and in this first phase, citizens will have the opportunity to get involved and learn, in greater depth, how the Institution seeks to engage with external stakeholders to learn their perspectives, disseminate knowledge and strengthen its internal practices".

The Bank invites all its external stakeholders and citizens to visit this innovative tool, available on CABEI's official website, to actively participate by commenting on the articles published and to use the available resources to continue promoting the proper application of the Access to Information Policy through effective engagement.