CABEI participates in international economics conference together with leaders of global development banking

CABEI Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi, reaffirmed the Bank's commitment to continue working towards the economic and social development of the region.

The conference, which was denominated, "New Forms of Solidarity Towards Fraternal Inclusion, Integration and Innovation (I+I+I)," was held in Vatican City.

Tegucigalpa, February 5, 2020.- The Executive President of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), Dr. Dante Mossi, participated in the conference “New Forms of Solidarity Towards Fraternal Inclusion, Integration and Innovation (I+I+I)," which was organized in Rome by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

The seminar was held in Casina Pío IV, which is a Renaissance building nestled in the Vatican Gardens, and brought together high-level economists from around the world and representatives of multilateral organizations.

During his speech in Panel II denominated, "Transforming the Rules of International Financial Architecture: Economic and Financial Stability," Dr. Mossi highlighted the importance of integrating innovation in the different financial modalities and instruments used in the region.

As an example, he cited the most recent issuance of the Bank's green bond, which identified actions that contribute to climate change issues. During the 2015-2019 period alone, CABEI invested US$3.9 billion in operations focused on mitigating climatic phenomena.

As a commitment to the aforementioned, CABEI had already established its Zero Carbon Declaration, in which it reaffirms its sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach.