CABEI issues its first ever bond in Swedish Krona (SEK)


CABEI reaffirms its diversification strategy by issuing a bond in Swedish Kronas for the first time, achieving a historical total of emissions in 24 different currencies.

Tegucigalpa june, 7 2019.- The Central American Bank for Economic integration (CABEI) issued a bond in the Japanese market for an amount of Swedish Kronas (SEK)200.0 Million (equivalent to US$20.9 Million) in a 10-year tenor at a fixed rate; this is the first ever issuance by CABEI in that currency.

The note was issued in the Japanese market, were CABEI has been present for more than 10 years, the bank has issued 9 different notes in this market, in different currencies such as Japanese Yens, Turkish Lira, South African Rands, Australian Dollars, American Dollars and New Zealand Dollars, for an equivalent amount of US$652.8 million; which represents 22% of the total issuances that CABEI has made in Asia, this last issued note in SEK will become the tenth issue in this market.

Executive President Dr. Dante Mossi, stated: “It’s important to highlight the diversification the Bank has in market, currency and financing resources, this has allowed us to reach a new milestone by issuing in 24 different currencies in 23 different markets; this note consolidates the presence of CABEI in the international capital markets, especially in the Japanese market where the bank currently holds a credit rating of AA with stable outlook awarded by Japanese Credit Rating (JCR).