CABEI grants US$600,000.00 in emergency aid to the Dominican Republic to mitigate the effects of natural disasters


Santo Domingo, June 21, 2023.- CABEI allocated US$600,000.00 to support humanitarian, rescue, construction, and reconstruction efforts in communities affected by the low atmospheric pressure phenomenon (squall) in the Dominican Republic.

The low-pressure phenomenon affected 3,785 displaced persons, 757 affected houses and 20 communities. The Dominican Federation of Municipalities (FEDOMU), as executing agency, will carry out actions to assist the population of the affected communities in order to mitigate the damages caused by the squall in the Dominican Republic.

"CABEI approved this aid in order to support the initiatives of the Dominican government aimed at mitigating damages and restoring essential services for the benefit of the Dominican people," said CABEI Director for the Dominican Republic, Hostos Rizik.

The multilateral provides support to its member countries through emergency aid in situations such as natural disasters, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, pandemics, and other similar crises in order to help them face such challenges.