CABEI and Executive Secretariat of the Central American Monetary Council sign agreement to promote technical actions regarding economic and financial matters


The technical collaboration areas include access to macroeconomic and financial statistical information, feedback on technical documents, joint research, among other actions.

San José, March 02, 2023 - The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) and the Executive Secretariat of the Central American Monetary Council (SECMCA) signed a memorandum of understanding to undertake and develop activities in the economic and financial areas. 

The agreement established areas of collaboration related to real-time access to macroeconomic and financial statistical information on Central America, feedback on technical documents prepared by each institution prior to their dissemination, joint development of research relevant to both institutions, periodic meetings to analyze the economic situation and medium-term outlook, as well as the strengthening of institutional capacities within the framework of the work agendas of each institution. 

"We are very pleased to continue strengthening our strategic alliances with integration organizations in pursuit of a joint vision materialized through of initiatives that improve the wellbeing of Central Americans. As a Bank, we support actions that broaden and deepen the body of knowledge and that are also useful for decision-making," highlighted CABEI's Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi. 

Both institutions are aware of the added value that this agreement will have in the scope of the analysis and development of the work agendas defined in each institution, which will contribute to the fulfillment of the institutional objectives for the benefit of the countries of the region.