CABEI and Municipality of Guatemala learn about international electric bus offer to implement Transmetro line 5


It is expected that with the implementation of this initiative, close to 34,000 Guatemalans will benefit daily.

Guatemala City, October 4, 2021.- Manufacturers of electric buses and charging infrastructure presented their electric urban transportation offer for the development of Line 5 of the Transmetro in Guatemala City to representatives of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) and the Municipality of Guatemala.

Twelve international companies participated in the workshops and presented their product offerings with the greatest feasibility of being implemented in the electric transportation corridor, including technical specifications of the buses, charging schemes, price ranges, and after-sales services, among other details.

"We are pleased to know that this process is moving forward and that soon the capital city will be able to count on efficient, low consumption and maintenance cost transportation, with substantial reductions in pollution for the benefit of 34,000 Guatemalans daily," said CABEI Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi.

CABEI is currently implementing a non-reimbursable cooperation to carry out the technical and financial evaluation of the introduction of electric buses to Transmetro line 5 in order to provide more transportation and connectivity options to the people of the capital city in an efficient, safe, equitable and environmentally responsible manner.

The results of these studies are expected to be finalized in November 2021.