CABEI and the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology will exchange knowledge and modern practices to promote sustainable development in the region

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Seoul, July 12 th, 2022. – The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) signed a collaboration agreement with the Korean Ministry of Science and Information and Communications Technology to promote projects and programs that support the use and harnessing of technology in this sector for the region's development and integration. 

CABEI's Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi, stated, "Today more than ever, we are committed to maximizing collaboration with our member countries by developing joint projects in the areas of science, innovation and renewable energy as an alternative for the better performance of the communities' economic and social strategies."  

For CABEI, it is of utmost importance to promote progress in the use of technology, since it has positive implications for the productive system of communications and human development. With Korea's support in this area, it will be possible to promote project feasibility studies, establish master plans and explore investment opportunities," said Mossi.  

It is important to mention that CABEI and the Ministry of Science, Information and Communications Technology of the Republic of Korea have already carried out joint work that has resulted in the accompaniment of Korean experts based in countries such as Costa Rica, where important seminars on computer cybersecurity have been held and they have shared their experience in this area with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications.