CABEI holds meeting with entrepreneurs and NGOs from the province of Córdoba in Argentina


Bank delegation visits the country to promote new commercial opportunities and strengthen the development agenda between the country and Central America.

Buenos Aires, November 15, 2021 - As part of the work agenda of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) in Argentina, the Bank met with the Innovar y Emprender Agency of the Province of Córdoba to explore new financing instruments for private sector companies in the country.

CABEI Executive President Dante Mossi said, "As CABEI, we continue to support entrepreneurs in their economic reactivation, and on this occasion we are pleased to meet in Argentina with this important sector, recognizing its potential in innovation and technological development processes, with the expectation of replicating their experiences in Central America”.

Maximiliano Alonso, CABEI Director for Argentina and Colombia, stated: "We are creating a Regional Innovation Center and we will do the same with a Linkage Center to foster cooperation between South America and Central America, developing solid commercial relations, offering our know-how and making human resources available to accompany local entrepreneurs in this challenge.

During the meeting, CABEI representatives presented programs aimed at micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in order to promote their growth in the region. For their part, representatives of the entrepreneurial ecosystem presented specific needs of this sector.

Among the programs benefiting the private sector are the MSME Support Facility, rapid approval of financing for investment projects, preferential interest rates, guarantees and financial soundness, and innovative instruments.

Social sector support

The CABEI delegation also met with local NGOs such as Por Igual Más, which is supported by CABEI in the development of the "Rayuela" program, which allows its members with disabilities to access training in digital tools, English and other tools in high demand in the market, as well as links with companies and support in the labor market insertion process. 

He also held meetings with Radio Nacional Córdoba, with which a radio production project on development, gender, education and health issues will be carried out, as well as with the Bella Vista Popular Library of the Pedro Milesi Foundation, which offers various cultural workshops in poor neighborhoods, and with the El Negro Atilio Foundation, an organization that offers assistance and training to people in vulnerable situations for their insertion into the labor market.

In this regard, Mossi commented that support for this type of initiative is complementary to the development of the productive sectors, opening doors and generating opportunities for those who need them most, especially people in vulnerable contexts.

CABEI's director for Argentina and Colombia, Maximiliano Alonso, the executive for extra-regional projects, Rafael Martinez, and the representative of the public sector management, Magalid Cutina, participated in the meetings on behalf of CABEI. Meanwhile, from the Innovar y Emprender Agency, its president, Diego Casali, and the executive director, Pablo Peralta, as well as the director of the Cordoba Stock Exchange Research Institute, Lucas Navarro, among other guests.