CABEI visits El Salvador to analyze opening of Regional Debt Market


Similar missions are scheduled to take place in Panama and the Dominican Republic in the coming weeks.

San Salvador, January 21, 2022.- As part of the implementation process of the Regional Debt Market (MRD), a mission from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) visited El Salvador this Thursday and Friday.

The Bank's delegation met with authorities of the Ministry of Finance (MH), the Executive Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of Finance of Central America and the Dominican Republic (SECOSEFIN), as well as with the Stock Exchange and the Central Securities Depository (CEDEVAL) to study the country's economic performance and obtain relevant technical information for the diagnostic review prior to the implementation of the Regional Debt Market.

CABEI Executive President, Dante Mossi, indicated that "this is a great opportunity for the countries of the Central American region. We are taking the necessary steps to complete the analysis for the implementation of a Regional Debt Market worth approximately US$120 billion with great potential for expansion, including the participation of investors from outside the region.

Among the benefits of having this Regional Debt Market are the potential for attracting and mobilizing more capital to the region, the reduction of operating costs and the optimization of a transactional systems platform, including custody and settlement systems, as well as a better perception of the region's risk.

This initiative is part of CABEI's 2020-2024 Institutional Strategy, within the regional integration, financial soundness, and competitiveness axis.