CABEI carries out the Economic Situation of the Region and 2021 Perspectives Forum


The event took place within the framework of the 60th anniversary commemoration of the multilateral's founding.

Tegucigalpa, December 17th, 2020.- The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), in areas of informing citizens about the economic conditions of the region after the different events that occurred this year, held the Forum: "Economic Situation of the Region and 2021 Perspectives". The presidents of the Central Banks of the different countries participated in this forum, presenting the measures implemented in 2020 and the approaches to be envisaged in 2021.

In the dialogue space between the authorities of the region's Central Banks and CABEI, other important topics were also analyzed, such as: the main economic challenges (real sector, fiscal sector, monetary sector, and external sector), the opportunities for economic integration and CABEI's role in the current regional situation.

CABEI's Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi, through a pre-recorded message, highlighted the multilateral's active role in mitigating the negative economic and social effects of the pandemic, through the "Emergency Support and Preparation Program for the COVID-19 and Economic Reactivation", for an amount of more than US$2.6 billion. He also referred to the financial support of US$1 billion for the central banks and the recent approval of the "Central American Program for Resilient Reconstruction" to address the damage caused by tropical cyclones Eta and Iota in the order of US$2.5 billion.

At the end of his speech, Mossi commented: "the Bank is studying the possibility of creating a regional capital market, which would help to better place the debt securities of the Central American region, as well as issuance in local currency to facilitate longer term credit that would stimulate housing and construction."

The following participated in the event: Dr. José Deras, Head of CABEI's Evaluation Office, Lic. Sergio Francisco Recinos Rivera, President of the Bank of Guatemala and the Central American Monetary Council, Lic. Hernán Danery Alvarado, CABEI's Finance Manager, Dr. Rodrigo Cubero Brealey, President of the Central Bank of Costa Rica, Lic. Wilfredo Rafael Cerrato Rodríguez, President of the Central Bank of Honduras, Lic. Leonardo Ovidio Reyes Ramirez, President of the Central Bank of Nicaragua, Lic. Hector Valdez Albizu, Governor of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic and Director Jorge Briz, CABEI Director for Guatemala and President of the Directors´Finance and Risk Committee.

On its 60th anniversary, CABEI reaffirms its financial support to its member countries. This year, 2020, CABEI will close with disbursements totaling close to US$2.3 billion, which represents an increase in its regional portfolio of up to US$8 billion.