BCIE presents progress in the implementation of the Gulf of Fonseca master plan


Tegucigalpa, August 12, 2021.- The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) organized a meeting with the Nicaraguan and Honduran authorities responsible for monitoring the plan in order to present the progress made in the implementation of the tri-national Investment and Economic Development Master Plan for the Gulf of Fonseca.

Among the advances presented by CABEI are several related to the blue economy, which is oriented towards the sustainable use of and interaction with ocean and marine-coastal resources for the sustainable growth of the Gulf of Fonseca. Some of the initiatives include fishing and aquaculture chains, tourism development, logistics and agro-industrial development centers, as well as connectivity, among others.

At the meeting held in June, CABEI shared the progress made in the preparation of high-impact projects within the framework of the Master Plan and, together with the country delegations, defined a series of next steps for their implementation.

This initiative is a strategic instrument that contributes to turning the Gulf of Fonseca region into a zone of peace and development. As part of the progress in its execution, CABEI has complied with the governments' request to establish a financial mechanism for the preparation of beneficial projects, both regional and national, by structuring the Fund to Support the Implementation of the Gulf of Fonseca Master Plan.

The country representatives thanked CABEI for the feedback and reiterated their commitment to the execution of this initiative, ensuring effective coordination between national authorities by reactivating a permanent coordination space with periodic meetings.