CABEI increases funding ceiling for Non-Founding Extraregional and Regional Member countries


Tegucigalpa, December 6th, 2022.- The Assembly of Governors of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) approved a modification to the Regulations for the Admission of CABEI Extra-Regional Members and the Regulations for the Admission of CABEI Non-Founding Regional Members that increases the maximum limit of financing the Non-Founding Regional and Extra-Regional Member countries will have access to in the coming years.

This change allows us to meet the growing demand for needs, initiatives and projects that strengthen the development of the region and its communities, and at the same time, the change in the definition of the limits of the leverage factor from magnitude ten to twenty, to these partners; which will result in an improvement in the balance between the level of exposure of the countries and the capital structure required to support the growth of the same.

The new definition and expansion of quotas in these geographic regions contributes to the institutional objective of portfolio diversification, which in turn will potentially strengthen the Bank's capital adequacy indicators.

CABEI's Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi explained that "based on current capital contributions, the new exposure limits for Non-Founding and Extra-Regional Member Countries would present an aggregate increase of US$1,981.82 million; this action confirms CABEI's relevance as the multilateral development bank for the Central American region.”