CABEI distributes first funds to attend public infraestructure in Costa Rica affected during emergency situations


● US$75 million were disbursed as part of the Emergency Program for the Comprehensive and Resilient Reconstruction of Infrastructure (PROERI) for US$700 million financed by CABEI.

San José, June 18, 2024.- Damaged roads in Alajuelita, sewage systems and bridges in poor condition in Aserrí, problems in river beds and streams in Desamparados are part of the 120 projects that are being attended to with the first US$75 million disbursement to Costa Rica by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI).

The Emergency Program for the Comprehensive and Resilient Reconstruction of Infrastructure (PROERI) is the largest financing granted by the multilateral bank in its history, for US$700 million, for the intervention of 502 public infraestructure projects affected during Storm Bonnie, the Pacific Intertropical Convergence and Hurricane Julia, and was approved as law of the Republic of Costa Rica in March 2024.

This disbursement was made expeditiously thanks to the effective execution model with which the financing program was structured to attend to urgent works, safeguard lives and public assets of our country” indicated the CABEI manager in Costa Rica, Álvaro Alfaro.

More than 3.8 million Costa Ricans living in 78% of Costa Rica's territory will benefit from the reconstruction of 92 roads, the rehabilitation and replacement of133 educational centers, 92 highways, 74 railroads, works of different types such as sewers and streams, as well as housing projects.

All works and their location, type of intervention, cost, executing agency and progress can be consulted on this interactive map updated periodically by the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Response (CNE).

With this expeditious financing, progress has been made in a total of 120 projects, enabling international public bidding, designs, construction plans, studies, among others that are necessary to begin physical works.