CABEI has US$39.4 million for second tranche of “Identifícate” project


The multilateral is contributing US$63.5 million to finance the project, of which US$24.1 million have already been disbursed.

Tegucigalpa September 1, 2020.- The Executive President of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) Dr. Dante Mossi and the Secretary of Finance of the Government of Honduras, Marco Midence signed today a contract for US$39.46 million to promote the second tranche of the Identity Document Modernization Project in Honduras “Identifícate”.

President Mossi stressed that the Bank “has the financial resources to be able to carry out the entire enrollment process, purge the database and prepare the new identity card that can be used for health, banking, citizen identity and elections among other purposes.

Mossi, referred to the fact that this process is part of the Reform and Modernization of the National People’s Registry (RNP), as the executing agency which also has the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for its execution, which will provide technical and administrative support in the enrollment process of individuals.

This advance places the country on the same level as leading nations in significantly strengthening the confidence of citizens and is a great step in terms of security for the identity of Hondurans. This achievement has an impact on the governance and competitiveness indicators promoted by CABEI.

It should be noted that CABEI is contributing US$63.5 million to finance the project, of which US$24.1 million have already been disbursed.

During the event, the modification of the loan that financed the Road Infrastructure Program was also signed, which consists of six road sections that add up to 244.92 kilometers of primary, secondary and neighborhood roads. These roads are fully completed, so the CABEI Board of Directors has agreed to reallocate the remaining resources of said loan for a value of US$14.9 million for Emergency Health Assistance for COVID-19, indicated President Mossi.

In 2020 CABEI’s portfolio in the Public Sector of Honduras reaches an amount of US$1,167.8 million, specifically in the sectors of: road infrastructure, energy, financing of productive projects, financing of rural development programs, multisectoral, among others.