CABEI denies information published in Costa Rica's La Nación newspaper


In an interview with a journalist of this media outlet, the Bank's Executive President clarifies false information published.

Tegucigalpa, September 8, 2021.- In view of the publication of false and inaccurate information in the newspaper La Nación of Costa Rica, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration informs the following:


  • During his hospitalization, President Mossi was in a coma and was unable to seek medical attention personally.
  • CABEI's Executive President did not receive US$140,000 for air ambulance expenses and transfer of family member during hospitalization for COVID-19.
  • The amount approved for logistics management in the institution was US$22,785 thousand dollars, which was used for air transportation when the President woke up from his condition.
  • The President's medical expenses were covered by his personal medical insurance.
  • CABEI handles the health expenses of any employee in a confidential manner, therefore, what is stated in the alleged minutes mentioned by the newspaper is not official.


The Bank invites individuals and legal entities to use the mechanisms for access to information available on its website  and other official mechanisms for consultation or complaint.