CABEI successfully concludes pro tempore presidency of G-16, the multilateral cooperation and development group of countries in Honduras


Under its presidency, the multilateral held a political, economic and technical dialogue with the authorities of the elected government, civil society, the private sector and academia.

Tegucigalpa, June 29th, 2022.- From January to June of this year, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) held the pro tempore presidency of the Group of 16 (G-16) for the first time, which concluded successfully this Wednesday, supporting the articulation of the efforts of cooperation partners to contribute to improving the quality of life of Honduran citizens and the State of Law.

During this period, the G-16 held monthly meetings with representatives of the highest levels of government ministries, private enterprise, civil society and academia to discuss topics such as the first one hundred days of the new government, the management of the pandemic and the return to school, actions to improve access to health and education, the current state of the economy and its reactivation, fiscal strengthening, the energy sector, job creation and the current state of the agricultural sector, among others.

"It was an honor to have assumed the presidency of this important group where we identified opportunities to enhance G-16 cooperation with the priorities set forth by each sector. As the region's development Bank, we will continue to support initiatives for the well-being and sustainable development of the country," said CABEI's Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi.

CABEI transfers the pro tempore presidency of the G-16 to the United Nations System Coordination for the period July-December 2022. The G-16 is made up of representatives from 15 countries, three development banks and four multilateral organizations; it was created in response to the emergency caused by Hurricane Mitch in 1998 to follow up on the Stockholm Convention, and has established itself as a forum for the convergence of international cooperation in Honduras.