CABEI approves US$16,000 to develop PPP-based capabilities in Honduras


This initiative seeks to increase the State's executive capacity in the investment of projects and programs, taking into account that these have a fundamental impact on the development of Hondurans.

Tegucigalpa, October 26, 2020.- The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), approved a financing for an amount of US$16,248.75 to train and certify in the fundamentals of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) a group of officials of the Government of the Republic of Honduras.

This initiative is expected to strengthen the knowledge and methodologies relevant to developing the capacities of officials. The cooperation will make it possible to increase efficiency in the management of current and future operations executed under the PPP modality in the country.

In that sense, CABEI's Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi commented that: "we will continue with our cooperation to strengthen the capacities of the Honduran State. Also, we promote the implementation of good practices that provide officials with tools to ensure the efficient execution that impacts on economic activity by generating employment to help revive the economy and address the effects of Covid-19”.

Technical cooperation is a significant contribution to effective partnerships in the public, public-private and civil society spheres, building on the experience and resource mobilization strategies of the partnerships. 

As a result of the historical work with the region, and within the pillars of its Institutional Strategy, CABEI supports initiatives aimed at energy diversification and modernization of the sector at the regional level, the modernization of transport, promoting regional connectivity initiatives and low-carbon transportation.