Around 100,000 Nicaraguans benefit from the improvement of the Muy Muy - Matiguás - Río Blanco highway


• The project was completed, generating 1,200 temporary and permanent jobs.

Managua, December 03, 2021.- A series of opportunities related to boosting the economy, promoting tourism, as well as boosting agricultural production and improving transportation is what has generated the opening of the 58.5 kilometers of the Muy Muy - Matiguás - Río Blanco highway, located between the department of Matagalpa and the North Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.

The new road infrastructure, which benefits around 100,000 Nicaraguans, received financial support from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) for US$58.70 million and recently completed its execution, strengthening the national and regional road network, guaranteeing the connectivity of the municipalities and bringing essential services such as health and education closer to the area.

"We are pleased with the completion of this important project that will improve the quality of life of hundreds of Nicaraguans in this area through a range of opportunities for their economic and social development," said CABEI Executive President Dr. Dante Mossi.

The works were divided into three road sections: Muy Muy-Matiguas with 22.5 kilometers and the two sections of Matiguas-Río Blanco with 36.0 kilometers, in addition to the construction of the Río Blanco bypass of 2.8 kilometers that guarantees uninterrupted traffic.

Leslie Urbina, a resident of the San Miguelito community, highlighted the importance of this road, which benefits children and teachers of the nearby schools who had difficulties to move around in the winter season due to the quagmires that were generated and, in the summer, due to the increase of respiratory diseases caused by the amount of dust that existed, a situation that has changed today.

Mrs. Ana María Palacios, owner of a small dining room who has lived in Río Blanco for 17 years, expressed her gratitude for CABEI's support, since this project has strengthened her business. She also highlighted the positive impact obtained by the producers in the area.

"God bless all those who supported this work that benefits everyone in the urban and rural areas because today we really sell more and the dairy producers, the owners of cattle farms have also improved their situation, that is, they can now move without any problem to the Pacific and the Caribbean Coast," said Palacios.

In addition to this important road initiative, CABEI is currently executing eight Programs and Projects benefiting more than two million people, allowing connectivity between the Pacific and Atlantic regions, greater savings in transportation costs for operators and reduced travel times for citizens.