Commitment to the well-being of the region.

The Republic of China (Taiwan) joined CABEI in 1992 and is one of the Bank's first non-regional members; its incorporation enabled the Bank to issue and place its first bonds on the international market. At the close of 2020, it is the non-regional member with the highest shareholding (11.48%) with a subscribed capital of USD776.25 million and contributions amounting to USD125.00 million.

In the coordination of development projects, the Republic of China (Taiwan) cooperation for the region focuses on key areas for poverty reduction, such as food security, education, agriculture, Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, agribusiness, coffee producing sector affected by rust, export promotion and forestry and industrial development.

As a relevant fact, in 2020, thanks to the alliance with its non-regional partner country, CABEI made it's 19th issue in the Taiwan capital market, historically totaling US$ 2.3 billion.

In 2021, CABEI opened its representative office in the Republic of China (Taiwan) located at the Taipei 101 building.

Republic of China (Taiwan) risk rating upgrade boosts CABEI's financial profile


Tegucigalpa, May 4th, 2022 – The Republic of China (Taiwan) further strengthened CABEI's equity base and the capacity for extraordinary support from its members as a result of the recent upgrade of its international risk rating by Standard & Poor's from "AA" to "AA+". This upgrade, the second in two (2) years for the Republic of China (Taiwan), positively impacts CABEI's financial profile considering its effect on the average shareholder rating and therefore on the institution's "callable" or contingent capital, as a characteristic of Multilateral Banking.

In light of the above, CABEI's Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi, highlighted the fact that the Republic of China (Taiwan) is the member with the highest shareholding (11.42%) in the bank as a key factor underpinning its "AA" rating, as well as its unquestionable support since its incorporation as an extra-regional member in 1992.

In this regard, Dr. Dante Mossi again highlighted the commitment of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the countries of the Central American region, recently reflected by the early payment of capital installments totaling US$8.6 million, linked to the two (2) capital subscriptions made by that country within the framework of the bank's VIII General Capital Increase.

Finally, CABEI's Executive President noted that the benefits derived from the incorporation of highly qualified members such as the Republic of China (Taiwan) "in addition to boosting the institutional financial profile, lead to additional tangible benefits for the Central American region through cooperation, technical assistance and financing in areas such as food security, agriculture, education and financing for MSMEs, among others."

It should be recalled that in July 2021, CABEI inaugurated its office in Taipei as the bank's first representation in Asia, with the objective of promoting the region's competitiveness, consolidating the bank's presence in Asian capital markets, attracting investment in priority areas and sectors for the Central American region, mobilizing financial resources for cooperation, promoting the incorporation of potential partners in the APAC region and contributing to the commercial exchange of goods and services between countries.