Commitment to the well-being of the region.

The Republic of China (Taiwan) joined CABEI in 1992 and is one of the Bank's first non-regional members; its incorporation enabled the Bank to issue and place its first bonds on the international market. At the close of 2020, it is the non-regional member with the highest shareholding (11.48%) with a subscribed capital of USD776.25 million and contributions amounting to USD125.00 million.

In the coordination of development projects, the Republic of China (Taiwan) cooperation for the region focuses on key areas for poverty reduction, such as food security, education, agriculture, Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, agribusiness, coffee producing sector affected by rust, export promotion and forestry and industrial development.

As a relevant fact, in 2020, thanks to the alliance with its non-regional partner country, CABEI made it's 19th issue in the Taiwan capital market, historically totaling US$ 2.3 billion.

In 2021, CABEI opened its representative office in the Republic of China (Taiwan) located at the Taipei 101 building.

CABEI receives US$8.6 million in capital payments made in advance from the Republic of China (Taiwan)


Tegucigalpa, Honduras March 04, 2021 –  As a sign of its commitment to CABEI and to the countries of the Central American region, the Republic of China (Taiwan) has made the payments in advance of the first capital installments linked to the two (2) capital subscriptions it made in the framework of the bank’s VIII General Capital Increase, for amounts totaling US$8.6 million. The aforementioned payments had to be made later during the year 2021, however, the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) decided to make the due transfers earlier.

On March 04, 2021, the Republic of China (Taiwan) made cash payments of US$6.3 million and US$2.4 million , corresponding to the first of eight (8) annual, equal and consecutive instalments of paid-in capital derived from the recent capital subscriptions made by the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the framework of the VIII General Capital Increase of CABEI, which came into force on April, 2020. The aforementioned payments were due on May and July 2021, respectively.

Dr. Dante Mossi, Executive President of CABEI pointed out, “this evidences the quality of shareholders CABEI has, their connection and understanding of the needs of the Central American region and the role the bank plays amid the crises currently faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the adverse effects of climate change recently evidenced with hurricanes Eta and Iota.

I want to highlight and thank the unconditional support that the Republic of China (Taiwan) has provided during the International Health Emergency, helping our countries to face and strengthen actions that allow containing the virus and promoting economic reactivation. Their actions have been exemplary”.

Dr. Mossi indicated that CABEI has decided to open a representative office in the Republic of China (Taiwan) with the aim of promoting competitiveness in the region, consolidating the bank's presence in Asian capital markets, attracting investment in priority areas and sectors for the Central American region, mobilizing financial resources for cooperation, promoting the incorporation of new potential shareholders in the ASIAPAC region and contributing to the commercial exchange of goods and services between countries. Dr Mossi added that “we expect to have the opening ceremony on June 2021 at the latest”.

The Republic of China (Taiwan) is CABEI’s largest shareholder (11.48%), a key factor underpinning the bank's AA rating, and it has been a Bank’s non-regional member country since 1992.