This is an initiative in the Jujuy province (northwestern Argentina) to improve equity and access to education through the creation and strengthening of educational establishments and the improvement and efficiency of the educational system's management.


The Program for Improving Educational Access and Quality (Promace) will expand the early childhood, primary and secondary education coverage. It is also expected to increase the permanence of students at all educational levels through different policies according to each level (socio-educational, cultural, technological and socio-productive interventions).

From the program's implementation, the students' accompaniment will be strengthened in order to contribute not only to their permanence but also to their completion and graduation. The program aims to strengthen educational quality in the different educational cycles by promoting the development of new curricula and the training of teachers and managers.

CABEI resources will be used to improve 123 educational centers:

  1. Construction of 544 classrooms and the rehabilitation of 1,119 classrooms.
  2. Creation of 14 administrative spaces and the rehabilitation of 12 spaces.
  3. Creation of 31 spaces for cultural, sports and recreational purposes for students.
  4. Construction of seven laboratories and the rehabilitation of two more.
  5. 230 school canteens will be equipped.
  6. Connectivity and internet access to 783 educational institutions.
  7. New pedagogical equipment for 29,480 teachers.

Children benefited


Indigenous communities involved


Jobs generated


New classrooms


Teachers benefited


Millions granted

CABEI will partially finance equipment for sociocultural activities (sports equipment and technological kits, 14 orchestras and 960 school units with art education equipment). The school curriculum will also be redesigned, and teachers will be trained.

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